What's Your Decor Style? Using Kids' Rooms to Define Your Style

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Alice's Warm Modern Nursery

When I was younger I filled my apartments with a mix of hand-me-down furnishings (not the heirloom kind, the "mom is getting rid of this, do you want it?" kind) and IKEA. As I've grown up and set up home with my husband and kids, I've been able to make purchases and style decisions with a bit more purpose and planning. The question of just what is your decor style often arises when you begin to put a baby's or child's room together. You're often starting with a blank slate - the perfect time to think about, and perhaps reevaluate, your decor style.

At Apartment Therapy we've defined 8 distinct decor styles: Organic Modern, Happy Modern, Classic Glam, New Traditional, Eclectic Collector, Simple Chic, Warm Industrial and Dramatic Modern. For the most part, these apply to nurseries and kid's rooms, too. Getting inspiration from kids' rooms of these styles will not only help you design a space for your own child, but can help more clearly define for yourself what decor style you're drawn to and want to implement in the rest of your home. 

Let's get started! The photograph above is a perfect example of the Organic Modern style:

Elements of the Organic Modern style: nature-inspired, handcrafted, eco-friendly, soft, natural fibers, reclaimed woods, serene and calming.

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Jaspar's Joyous Jungle

Elements of the Happy Modern style: vivid color, clean lines, graphic artwork, cheerful, bright and often humorous.

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Louis' Tiny (but Grand!) Chinoiserie Menagerie Nursery

Elements of the Classic Glam style: mature, "nice" antiques, muted colors. metallics, upholstery, mirrors, ornate.

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Saf's Pint-Sized Personal History

Elements of the New Traditional style: untrendy, classic patterns, darker woods, antiques.

Timeless Style: "New Traditional" Kids' Rooms
Tried & True: New Traditional Nurseries
Shop the Room: Henry's New Traditional Nursery
Decor Category: New Traditional 

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Simon, Levi & Josie's Shared Bedroom

Elements of the Eclectic Collector style: vintage, mix and match, collections, kitsch, history, "finds" rather than purchases.

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Arden's Black & White Wonderland

Elements of the Simple Chic style: understated, uncluttered, effortless, minimal color palette, less is more.

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Child's Room in a Barcelona Loft

Elements of the Warm Industrial style: metal, wire, warm woods, edgy, often masculine, leather, non-kitschy vintage.

Warm Industrial Style Children's Spaces
Creating a Warm Industrial Kids' Room
Wire Storage for the Kid's Room
10 Sources for a Warm Industrial Style
Decor Category: Warm Industrial

We don't have many kid-related examples of our eighth decor category: Dramatic Modern. But that's okay - kids bring enough enough drama to our lives as it is.

(Images: 1. Kate Keeler 2. Kate Challis 3. Greg Pendleton 4. Leah Moss 5. Rebekah Gough 6. Reichel Broussard 7. Micasa)

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