What's Your Favorite Layout for House We're Building?

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Q: I know this is a huge question, but my husband and I are about to build a small home in Vermont, and are struggling with the layout. We have two options we're currently considering (I won't tell you who favors which option!), but would love some unbiased opinions.

The house will be a 22x30 timber frame, so the posts are the little boxes you see on the layout, and the only things that are not flexible are the stairs and chimney. It is important to us to have a friendly kitchen we can both cook in, since we spend a lot of time there. The right side of the house will be facing South, and we want to take advantage of that by incorporating a sunroom where I can start seeds for our garden. The view is to the northeast (upper left corner of the plan). We also want it to be easy to get outside — we are in a tough climate for outdoor living space, but we want it to come naturally when the weather is right:

Option one has a long, narrow, open living room and a cozy, G-shaped kitchen that would have East and South facing windows. Option 2 splits the living area into one larger space with the wood stove and television (which sits on a custom entertainment console built by my father, so it must fit in the space - 21"x 60"), and a smaller reading/conversation nook in the southeast corner. The kitchen in option two is long and narrow, but open to dining and living spaces.

I apologize for my bad drawing ability and poor scan quality of the plans, but perhaps you can help?

Any ideas are welcome!

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