What's Your Most Bizarre Household/Cleaning Secret?

What's Your Most Bizarre Household/Cleaning Secret?

Sarah Rae Smith
Sep 19, 2008

Some of the best tips and tricks when it comes to household maintenance or ideas haven't been found in books or on tv, but came from the mouths of our grandparents and parents. Click through the jump to see what Spam and Panty Hose have to do with each other and a certain Mother-In-Law.

My mother in law is a fantastic woman (since not everyone here at AT shares the same in laws, I figured it best to speak with the "we." She cooks, cleans, teaches 4th Grade and takes care of a farm (how many women have to remember to feed the chickens before work?). To this day, I'm still not sure she actually has time to sleep. Turning to her for some old family secrets, or ideas on things that can get the job done around the house only seemed natural.

Her tip was in combining a chunk of Spam panty hose. Sounds almost like something MacGyver would do right?
Here's how it works:

First: Buy Spam. No one will judge you, actually that's probably a lie, most everyone will judge you, but it's still great to see the looks on their faces when you tell them with a smile, "Sure I eat that... I love it!"
Second: Scrounge up your old pair of panty hose that really have one too many holes in them to be wearing. (or ask your mom/friend/sister for a pair)
Third: Place a chunk of Spam inside the leg of the panty hose.
Fourth: Twist it off and....
Fifth: Buff your wooden furniture with it.
Sixth: Eat remaining Spam with eggs and toast.
Seventh: Return to your buffed wood (insert witty sexual innuendo comment here) and wipe down with a clean rag.

This method acts like the old Mayo trick when it comes to polishing and cleaning furniture. It helps to calm any water rings, bring out the grain and make it shine (most likely the same things that happens to your stomach after eating it... but who are we to judge).
My mother in law would like to go on record by saying that this isn't something she does everyday (or probably has in the last 20 years) but it does in fact work.

So what's your household secret? Do you have a quirky idea handed down through the generations that makes you stop and go, "Huh, might have to try that." Well we want to hear them. Leave us a note below and we will try our favorite 5 and report back on them next week!

Photos via Amazon... where you can find both Spam and Panty Hose if you so desire.

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