(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
"Crilio" by Edgar Orlaineta, one of the many artists who've been inspired by the classic Wassily chair
Earlier today, we blogged our dream piece of furniture. On the flip side of that is the piece we hate. Maybe hate is too strong a word. How about the one that gives us nightmares? That we despise pretty intensely?

For us it's Marcel Breuer's reinvention of the club chair, the Wassily chair. Oh, we like them in theory. We could even say that we like the way they look. We appreciate their fine design and the spirit of breaking down something into its basic components that went into the design of this chair. What we don't like is the way they feel. You see, our parents had them growing up and when you're small and you sit in them, you just don't fit. The backs of your knees make direct contact with the hard edges of the leather and get chafed. You can't sit on the arms because they break and while they're great for grown-ups to sit in and have a grown-up conversation with cocktails, you can't get comfortable in them with a good book, which is our criteria for a lounge chair. What piece of furniture do you dislike and why?

[image from Benimoto's Flickr with a Creative Commons License]