Wheel Estates from Vintage Vacations

Wheel Estates from Vintage Vacations

Gregory Han
Jun 5, 2007

A few weeks back I had the pleasure of attending Charles Phoenix's slide show/variety show, The United States of Charles Phoenix, a cornucopia of Americana, kitsch and just plain good ole fashion fun. After laughing our cheeks off, the audience was invited to check out a small circled wagon formation of restored vintage trailers outside the theater, part of a selection of restored beauties from Vintage Vacations of Anaheim.

I've always loved the concept of a home away from home...on wheels! Roughing it in the great outdoors doesn't seem so harrowing when you're rolling in a trailer with Leg-o-matic chairs, dining on Marmoleum countertops, and walking on douglas fir flooring. These vintage trailers are the mobile version of the smallest coolest apartments, filled with many space saving ideas, and beautiful architectural character that puts many homes to shame. I've sadly noted some of these trailers have larger and kitchens than my studio apartment!

Check out many more amazing trailers from a selection that went through a complete design and restoration process that would even impress the fellas at This Old House.

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