When Do You Decide to Turn on the Heat?

Last weekend, things got cold in the Mid-Atlantic states (sub-50 degrees). Only two days into October, I wasn't ready to turn on the heat just yet.

I like to think I can hold out longer for heat than I can for A/C, thanks to my love of slippers, blankets, tea, and baths. Nevertheless, waking and getting up cold is rough, and why be needlessly miserable? My fiance and I caved and turned up the thermostat for a night after a previous uncomfortable one, but the heat has been off since then.

It's about saving energy and lowering bills, but for me there's also that feeling of just not wanting to give in yet. Does the same thing happen to you? When do you decide to turn on the heat?

Image: 3 Easy Ways to Liven Up Your Radiator

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