When Home Is Your School: Real Life Homeschool Space Inspiration

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We use our homes for many activities and over the past decade more and more parents are using their homes as classrooms for their children. Whether you're setting up a space at home for this purpose or are just looking to spiff up your child's homework area, here are some real homeschool spaces to peruse for inspiration and ideas.

(above) This space is a corner of a larger family living space that has been dedicated to homeschooling. They've managed to create a space that is nicely balanced between having a vintage schoolhouse look without looking out of place in the flow of the home.

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This is a formal dining room turned into a homeschool space. The table workspace is a combination of IKEA drawer units, legs and tabletops. The dining room's chandelier was replaced with a series of hanging bulbs.

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Mariah Brueh calls this her "one-room schoolhouse" at home. It's beautiful, organized and inviting.

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Old school lockers (painted a peppy green) is a nod to a more formal school environment in this space. Notice the wall is lined with chicken wire for easy hanging.

An Expedit, hanging shoe organizer and a fabric covered magnet board add a lot of organization to this homeschool area.

This finished room is actually above the home's garage and it's been transformed into a light-filled workspace for multiple kids. Most of the furnishings are from IKEA.

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Don't have a whole room to make your homeschooling space? This post on Simple Homeschool had advice and ideas for making it work in a small space.

(Image credits: Teal Bird Concepts; The Pioneer Woman; Playful Learning; Just a Night Owl; Crafty Homeschool Mama; Homeschool Creations; Simple Homeschool)

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