When It's the Pieces with a History That Make Your House a Home

When It's the Pieces with a History That Make Your House a Home

Adrienne Breaux
Jun 29, 2014
(Image credit: Bethany Nauert)

Our earlier post about home explanations you just don't owe anyone has seemed to resonate with many people today. And one reader's comment about one of the ideas in the post was so eloquent it deserves mentioning.

Discerning was talking about number five on the list "You don't owe anyone an explanation for...Not buying anything new." As we said in the article, everyone's way of living and furnishing their home is valid (whether you like all vintage or all new — both are totally awesome!). But anyone still struggling with feeling like they ought to buy new things when they prefer free or vintage might find some inspiration in Discerning's words:

I suppose I most closely resemble #5. In the early days it was out of necessity. I was often embarrassed by comments of relatives and friends at my 'creative' ideas and repurposing. However, I was much too stubborn to take the snark-bait. I learned quickly to toss the defensive ball back to them with a light hearted laugh, 'Oh, by that I take it you mean you don't like what I've done here? That's ok, how boring it would be if we all had the same tastes!' I filled the inevitable silence that followed by asking them question about themselves. It always worked.

Fast forward. When the day finally arrived when I could afford to buy new, funniest thing happened. I realized it no longer held appeal for me. I learned something about myself in that moment...I actually enjoyed the hunt, the DIY efforts invested and loved my sanctuary. It was my oasis.

As I look back now, after 33+ years of marriage, I can count the number of truly *new* things throughout the years on my fingers. Mattresses, appliances in emergency situations, a bedroom suite I later gifted to my stepson when he married. I wanted it for him sooo badly at the time but it just didn't 'belong' here.

Every other thing in my home is either inherited, thrifted or found. ALL have a history...a story to tell. And I have ears to hear. It's what makes my house a home. I wouldn't have it any other way. I'll gladly rejoice with relatives and friends over a new purchase and be happy for them. But never, ever again will I allow them to steal my joy at the home we have cobbled together over the years...

We love it and that's all that matters.

Thanks Discerning!

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