All I Own: Photographs by Sannah Kvist

All I Own: Photographs by Sannah Kvist

Jessica Tata
Mar 2, 2012

When looking at these portraits of people alongside everything they own, I am reminded by one of my favorite quotes, by comedian Stephen Wright. "You can't have everything. Where would you put it?" Take a look at what happens when a photographer makes a portrait of a person with all of their worldly possessions.

Three years ago, moving across the country and back allowed me--nay, forced me--to pare down my belongings to the bare necessities. (And a few bare wants!) While I didn't sell everything I owned, I was writing about it.

Now, I live in a multi-room home and have definitely been nesting. With this comes the accumulation of things. I like to try to keep a good perspective on how many belongings I really need in my life, and these photographs are a fantastic inspiration to me! What would my photo look like? Would I even be able to fit all of my belongings in one room?

Photographer Sannah Kvist explores this with her photo series All I Own. Based in Gothenburg and Stockholm, Sweden, Sannah has selected subjects all born in the 80s. Perhaps this tends to position her subjects to be more likely in a less settled time of their life--most of the folks have a surprisingly small amount of things.

Regardless, I'm intrigued by her project and hope she continues. In a strange way, I will continue to use this as a unique and abstract gauge of my own accumulation of things!

Images: Sannah Kvist

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