When the Mood Strikes: Impulse Makeovers & Upgrades

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Before my husband and I bought our house, the real estate developer covered the beat up original floors upstairs with low quality carpet. I've hated it every day we've lived here, and this Saturday we got fed up and tore it out. Doing it felt great!

When I mentioned this story to my parents, my mom immediately knew the feeling I was talking about. She described an instance where she was home alone in our old house looking at the vinyl wallpaper when she decided she had had enough of it. Fortunately, she explained, vinyl wallpaper comes off in large sheets, so she was able to remove all of it in a few hours. 

In my case, as the photo shows, the original floors are not in great shape; there's even some decades-old newspaper stuck to them. We don't have a floor refinisher lined up yet, but I have no regrets.

Have you ever impulsively jumped into a project? Did you have any regrets?

(Image: Kim Rinehimer)

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