When the Renovation is Over, I'm Treating Myself to a "Fill In The Blank"

When the Renovation is Over, I'm Treating Myself to a "Fill In The Blank"

Tess Wilson
Jun 12, 2014
(Image credit: Tessa Huff)

It's hilarious to think that there will be a single cent left over after a whole-house renovation, but at the end of a hard week of sanding, painting, and hauling, I motivate myself with the promise of a manicure, someday....

The particular carrot on your stick may vary — perhaps you're looking forward to a soak in your new tub, the first meal cooked in your new kitchen, a pizza delivered to your new patio, or a bedspread for your new bedroom. Or perhaps you simply tell yourself, "When this place is all painted, I shall never wash a single paintbrush ever again forever. Or at least for a while." That is probably the reward I'll actually treat myself to, although a manicure sounds like heaven.

I realize that I am messier than certain of my fellow humans, but this project has been rough on my extremities. Every day I get covered head-to-toe in paint, my hands are washed a million times a day (well, they wash paintbrushes), the cleaning chemicals are drying my skin (despite my semi-regular glove-wearing), my nails are destroyed from putting our new garden in, and Minwax stains are a regular feature. I'm happy to be putting in the time and energy making a home for us, but my hands and feet are bearing the brunt of the effort.

If you're currently mired in a home improvement project, what are you looking forward to the most? And if you've completed a project, please tell us how you rewarded yourself!

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