When You Can't Hide Power Cables, Embrace Them

When You Can't Hide Power Cables, Embrace Them

Laura E. Hall
Jun 2, 2011

We spend a lot of time trying to hide cables and cords away, out of sight. But what are you supposed to do when there's just no way to avoid having them visible? We say, embrace them! Check out these examples and get some ideas below.

Cable Drawings by Maisie Maud Broadhead re-imagines a (very long) lamp cord as a decorative detail in beautiful ornate fashion.

Design Star season 5's Michael Moeller adorned a gray wall with a contrasting red-orange cord for maximum color pop.

The shape of this cool arrangement by XBMC, via Lifehacker, draws attention to and complements the techy style of the mounted TV and Playstation 3.

We spotted these neat lights in Sophie & Isaac's Eclectic Minimal Home House Tour, where they've crafted stylish solutions on a thriftstore budget, including bedside tables made of cinderblocks and these cord + bulb "lamps". The cool, minimal style of the rest of the house helps these industrial touches to blend in seamlessly.