Where Can I Sell My Vintage Autopsy Table?

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Q: I have a penchant for collecting really odd furniture. I move fairly often from apartment to apartment, so some of my acquisitions end up not working in a new place. My current conundrum is that I have a early to mid-century autopsy table that I was planning to use as a work table, it is a beautiful showpiece (if you get over its original function) but it absolutely overwhelms my place. I want to sell it to someone who can appreciate its value and aesthetic (steampunk, anyone?) but I don't think Craigslist or eBay will really do such a sale justice.

Any other sites or resources you could recommend I go through? I've considered etsy, but this is such a unique item, I don't know if it will ever hit the right searches. Thanks!

Sent by Madeline

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Image: Vintage Autopsy Table via VandM

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Good Questions

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