Braided Rugs: Where Country Cozy Meets Modern Art?

Square rag rug from Colonial Mills

I never thought that oval, dusty-blue braided rug in my mom's house had anything to do with modern art. But lately, I've been drawn to the concentric squares and rings of braided rugs. They often end up reminding me of the work of Josef Albers, for instance:

'Arrival', by Josef Albers

Or in the case of braided rag rugs, I see the bulls-eye motif of a work entitled Target, by Jasper Johns. There are tons of rugs like this out there — both vintage and new — to be had for a steal. Searching for ones with simple, blocky colorways has become quite the pastime for me as I continue the ongoing hunt for affordable, interesting, natural-fiber rugs to soften the hardwood-floored interior of my home.

Bullseye rag rug, available from Ragged Revival on Etsy
Oil painting by Jasper Johns

What do you think? Do you see the resemblance, or is this too much of a stretch?

(Image credits: Colonial Mills; Galerie Melki; Ragged Revival; Jasper Johns)