Where do the Desk-Less Keep their Wireless Printers?

Where do the Desk-Less Keep their Wireless Printers?

Taryn Williford
Nov 9, 2009

One of the virtues of being a laptop owner is the ability to be a part of the most nomadic of the home tech lifestyles: The desk-less. You can make your kitchen, bedroom or bathroom an instant workspace—but where do you keep your printer?

In the comments on this former post about a laptop desk, you readers (virtually) resounded with shouts proclaiming your desk-less lifestyles. A notebook user doesn't need a desk to call home!

But even though most laptop users don't need dedicated desks, their everyday computer peripherals—like a printer—still do need a place to call home, leaving many would-be-nomads tethered to their desks.

Luckily, the availability and ease of setting up a wireless printer on your in-home WiFi network is giving many the chance to break free from desks—leaving them with a bigger worry: Where do you keep your wireless printers?

So tell us in the comments: Where does your wireless printer call home? We love these two responses from the former post:

Leave the printer in the closet. Buy a wireless print server for $50 or so and you'll never have to hassle with moving the printer again. Works great for me. -TypicalGuy

I have mine in a deep drawer of my entertainment cabinet - I just open the drawer and switch the thing on to print...
..a.nd when I'm done, close the drawer.

(Top image: Flickr user Elevate Printing under license from Creative Commons, Second image: Flickr user gordonflood.com under license from Creative Commons.)

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