Where Do You Keep Your Stroller?

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I just took our big stroller out of "storage" (i.e. my mom's garage) now that our new baby is ready for it. Can I just say - ugh. It technically folds, but its a pain to do over and over and it is still huge in its folded state. So there it lives - in our dining room - not just a giant eyesore but taking up valuable square footage in our apartment.  

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If you live in a decent-sized house, this is probably not a worry of yours (or maybe it is), but it can be a big deal (and a big pain) if you're an apartment dweller. I also own a smaller umbrella stroller which I use for subway trips and vacations and which folds easily, but our larger stroller is our preferred set of wheels for daily use. 

I know this is an issue for a lot of parents and something to consider when setting up your home for the arrival of a baby. So, let's do a survey and find out which choices are most popular:

(Images: 1. reader Sean/My Room: Aden 2. reader Amanda/My Room: Frederick)

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