Where Do You Put a Garden In Tokyo? Everywhere


In population-dense Tokyo, sometimes you have to get creative. This skinny lot is only four meters wide, so architect Ryue Nishizawa decided on glass to prevent the home he designed from feeling even narrower than it already is. But just how does one live in a glass house (besides the obvious — don't throw stones!)? Plants to the rescue.

As you can see from the floorplans (above) each level has a garden which serves to provide privacy, despite the transparency. The plants block prying eyes and, in turn, soak up the light they need through the glass walls and open areas. Some floors even have openings cut through the ceiling to allow taller plants to stretch through mulitple levels.

We wouldn't mind this set-up on a summer evening and we're sure the two writers who live there enjoy plenty of inspiring, outdoor time.

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(Image credits: Dezeen)