Where Do You Stand on Disposable Flatware & Plates?

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You're invited to a dinner party and you're suddenly faced with alternative silverware and plates. They might be bamboo (go eco-friendly!), plastic, or something pretty from a specialty store — although not from more traditional materials. Do you say, I will not eat this crab dip from a plastic spoon! and secretly judge your host or hostess in your head? Do you nod in agreement because sometimes you use them too? Are they fine if a friend uses them but you never would?

Although they aren't prim and proper. disposable dishware and tableware are awfully handy. They make clean up a snap, no one spends the evening in the kitchen (or feels like they have to) and can make more time for family and friends to spend together. I don't think there's any confusion when it comes to those ideas.

That said, would you use them at your own party? Do you think that a gathering that necessitates an actual invitation requires real silverware? The turkey leg in the photo above is on a paper plate and it doesn't look all that bad, right? Or does it? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Image: Flickr member Pink Sherbet Photography licensed for use by Creative Commons

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