Where Should I Paint Blue Accents?

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Q: Hi, My husband and I just bought a new house on Haida Gwaii. All of the walls are white, which makes for a good canvas. The only problem is, I have no idea how to paint rooms like this. There are skylights and multi level ceilings. There are also a few interesting openings in the walls to allow the heat from the basement (where the heat source originates) to come into the upstairs room. All three of the pictures are of one large room.

We are both very into surfing and I am a surfing instructor here on the island, so I'd like a bright blue color to remind us of the waves. maybe a turquoise. Any advice you could give about painting would be so lovely. I don't know what parts to paint blue, and which to leave white. And what about accent walls?

Thanks so much!

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