Where to Find The Coolest Wallpaper Art for Your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Where to Find The Coolest Wallpaper Art for Your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Taryn Williford
Sep 27, 2012
Are you tired of the Apple-issue water droplets on your iPad's background? Sick of searching for thoughtful, creative and beautiful artwork for your iPhone's lock screen and finding only the same images of blooming flowers and Maxim centerfolds? Here are 11 sites you can dive into to find beautiful wallpapers for your iDevices. Poolga.com This well-organized site offers up illustrated wallpapers for iPhone retina displays, the new iPhone 5, iPad and iPad retina. The wallpapers are contributed by graphic artists and illustrators. Go here: Poolga.com TSeventy TSeventy is Poolga's sister site, featuring gorgeous photographs instead of illustrations, sorted for iPhone, iPhone 4 and iPad. Go here: TSeventy.com The Desktop Wallpaper Project This section from the art and design blog The Fox is Black features illustration pieces from various artists for both iPhone and iPad. Go here: TheFoxisBlack.com Airbag Industries Check out the "iPhone Candy" section of Greg Storey's blog to find a well-curated collection of saturated photo wallpapers. Go here: AirbagIndustries.com I Love Typography Surf around this site for a while and you'll find gorgeous wallpapers that celebrate the design of words and letters, if you're into that sort of thing. Go here: ILoveTypography.com

Typenuts is another iPhone and iPad wallpaper resource for the typographic set.
Go here: Typenuts.com

Tylor Jerome Reimer This artist and graphic designer has a special section on his portfolio site dedicated to iPhone screen art. Go here: TylorJReimer.com Alistair Hall There's a small but creative set of iPhone wallpapers at this artist's Flickr page. Go here: Flickr.com Glennz Tees This online T-shirt store offers up some awesome illustrated wallpapers to coordinate with their selection of iPhone cases. Go here: Glennz.com Mantia The personal site of interface artist Louie Mantia features a selection of photograph and illustration-based pop-culture wallpapers for both iPad and iPhone. Go here: Mantia.me Vlad Studio This site features an extensive collection of wallpapers for iPhone, iPhone 4, iPad and iPad retins from artist Vlad Gerasimov. Go here: VladStudio.com

(Top image: Shutterstock/Poolga, All other images: As credited above)

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