Beautifully-Packaged Mugs for Mom?

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Q: Last year, my sister and I got our mom a Nespresso cappuccino maker for Christmas. This year I'd like to get her a set of mugs to complement it, and it would be great if they were really packaged beautifully because that goes a long way toward making mugs seem like a great gift rather than a blah gift.

I LOVE the ones Kate Spade used to make (some sets are still available on eBay) but they are seasonally colored, which I'd like to avoid. One of the things I love about the Kate Spade set is that it is a SET, so it's one beautiful/fun box and my mom wouldn't have to sit there and open 4 or 6 little boxes containing the same thing while we all watch! I'm looking for regular coffee or cappuccino-size, not demitasse. I'd appreciate any sources, thanks so much!

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