Where To: Keep Towels

Besides the Obvious

101608towel-03.jpgYou've just moved into your new apartment and realized one small problem--no linen closet. It's unfortunate but it doesn't have to be devastating. We've rounded up ways to maximize your towel storage space and we've included one unexpected towel storage idea that will definitely impress.

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We saw this image and instantly thought--wow, great towel storage idea. The two towels are resting on a wooden step stool but you could also use a vintage wooden box turned upside down. We think this is a great idea--especially when you have overnight guests.

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This post highlights some great ideas for towel storage including;
  • A cabinet above the toilet
  • A simple, high, L-shaped shelf that runs above the toilet
  • Put a very deep shelf above the bathroom door
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You can always place a basket like this one from Pottery Barn in the corner of your bathroom for extra storage.
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We also really like the use of simple pegs or hooks to store your towels. Your entire collection of towels would consist of a maximum of four towels but you'll never have to worry where you're going to store spares.

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