Where To Put Sheers When Hanging Curtains "High and Wide"?

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Q: I'm finally getting around to hanging more curtains, and this might seem like a simple thing but it's tripping me up. I bought some nice panels big enough to hang them high and wide, but I'm not sure if the sheers would look better high as well or if I should leave them right above the window trim:

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If you look at all the examples of this hanging technique online (and even here at Apartment Therapy), none of the windows shown have sheers behind the curtains. Maybe I'm the only weirdo who uses them anymore? I hear a lot of people complain that this method produces an awkward empty wall space between the rod and the top of the window, yet no one seems to have tried to solve that.

Anyway, I guess my plan would be to buy a pair long enough to hang high, and if it looks odd I'll just hem them and lower the rod, but I'd love to get some readers' input before I get into it.

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