Which Are the Best Small (60 inch) Sleeper Sofas?

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Q: I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on sleepers for small city apartments. I am looking for a full size sleeper sofa that is 60" or less (65" would probably be my max length). From all my searching online, I've only found 3 options …

1) Dream-On Futon's Love Seat Extension style
2) Innovation Cubed Sofa Bed
3) IKEA PS Line

I also found this and contemplated getting 2 chairs that could be pushed together

I've tested #1 and #2. The Dream-On futon is very comfortable but I'm trying to get away from the "college student" furniture. I'd prefer to spend $1000 or less, but I would go up to $1500 for the right sofa. This would be used as couch the majority of the time and as a bed about 5-6 times a year. Due to floor/space limitations, an aerobed would not be a solution. Please help!

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Editor: Please add your best suggestions and sources in the comments, along with any reviews of the sofas that Maop is considering - thanks!

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Image: Innovation Cubed Sofa Bed

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