Which Household Chore Would You Want Solved?

Which Household Chore Would You Want Solved?

Gregory Han
Mar 16, 2009

If we were to ask you which household chore you most wished there was a better solution for, would you have guessed a "self-cleaning garbage can" would prove to be the most requested? No, neither did we. But according to the Cleaning Innovations Survey conducted by cleaning product manufacturer, SC Johnson, the self-cleaning garbage can was rated the most requested desired household solution, followed by a self-cleaning stove top, by the 3,588 U.S. adult women polled...

Other information from the survey include: 47% want a clothes dryer that automatically folds laundry, 33% hide their dirty bathtub rather than clean it, 20% surveyed haven't cleaned their bathroom for a month or longer and 16% choose to use paper plates to avoid washing dishes (this is particularly sad, considering the worldwide landfill issue). And can you believe that a shocking 13% surveyed admitted to have thrown out pots after cooking to avoid cleaning them?! We understand wanting a dishwasher or washing machine to save time (neither which we own), but to throw something out simply to avoid cleaning seems so...well, you can fill in the blanks of how we feel reading that.

If you were invited to participate in this survey, what household solution would you ask be created? We'd love a self organizing sock drawer and an under-the-sink gray water purifier for renters. Also, while we're dreaming, a window air conditioner with a rooftop solar power source. We can do the dishes and wipe the kitchen countertop fine, thank you very much!

Read more about this survey and its findings at Gizmag.

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