Tell Us: Which Way Does Your Desk Face?

Reading the comments after Christina's closet-turned-office space post on Monday, I found some discussion about facing the wall while you work. If you have a desk at home, do you prefer to face the room or have your back to it? What about windows and doors? Or, do you prefer "floating" in the middle of the room?

These five examples from our tours show: 1) a desk in the middle of the room; 2) a desk adjacent to a window; 3) a wall-facing desk next to a door; 4) a closet office; and 5) a bedroom desk facing a window.

Me, I prefer to the face the room. In what apparently coincides with feng shui logic on the topic, working with my back to a space makes me uneasy and unfocused. That said, I have a desk writing/crafting area in a closet in my house, and it works well for me. Closed in by three walls, and having a quiet guest bedroom behind me, I feel cozy and focused. My other unofficial workspace is the dining table, where I opt to sit facing the side of the room where I can see the room's windows and two entrances.

Your desk positioning can be restricted by square footage and other furniture, but how do you prefer to orient your workspace?


(Images: 1. Kelsey & Mike's Comfortable and Quirky Home 2. Deans Court: William & Ali's Ancestral Home 3. Nadia Geller's Downtown Design Studio 4. Leah's Petite Closet Office 5. Lindsay & Garrett's Pursuit of Style)

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