Whigby: Quirky Recycled Paper Goods

Whigby: Quirky Recycled Paper Goods

Cambria Bold
Mar 9, 2009

What ever happens to all those leftover printer sheets running through an industrial press for some contracted commercial job? Well, if Todd Temporale and Frank Viva have anything to do with it, they'll make their way over to Whigby to be made into quirky cards, posters and gift wrap...

All of Whigby's wrapping papers are manufactured, designed and printed locally from 100% post-consumer waste and meet all of the requirements of the Forest Stewardship Council. Their note cards are printed from the unused portions of sheets from commercial presses (the printing equivalent of carpooling, as they say), and their printing inks are made from non-toxic renewable plant sources. Also check out the Whigby Reader, their store blog for product, design and inspiration tips.

We love their personal rundown of Whigby on their site: Whigby is pattern and paper; eccentricity and authenticity; cheap cheeriness with a dash of cheekiness; lovely uncoated recycled broadsheets and perfect printing. Whigby adds to the pleasure of giving and receiving. Whigby is about concealment and revealment. Whigby is crisp, tailored, torn and tattered. Whigby is memorable, forgettable, timeless and ephemeral. Whigby is here to stay.

See more at their website.

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