IKEA's Stockholm Collection

Impressive! While we were trekking through ICFF this weekend, some good friends made the journey to IKEA and brought back news of exciting new stuff — IKEA Stockholm. Pictured above are the Easy Chair, Cabinet, Serving Cart, and Dining Chair...

The second picture includes the Glass-door Cabinet, Sofa Table, Ladder, Stad Cushion, Blad Fabric and Ruta Cushion.

The IKEA website doesn't currently do a good job of rounding up this collection at a single place — you have to dig. That being said, it's worth digging. There is an extensive Stockholm shelving system (to accompany the ladder!), sofas, chairs, rugs, curtains, multiple tables, etc. On a whole, this is the nicest group of IKEA furniture we've seen in a long, long time.