8 Whimsical Wooden Cutting & Serving Boards

These clever boards are just as perfect for serving food as they are for preparing it. Whether it's your favorite animal or state, you can pick a shape you love and use it for years.

  1. A lovely gift for your friend's new house — or for yours. €14.50 at designfuersheim.
  2. Serve your favorite cheese on a summery cloud. €24 at Caroline Gomez.
  3. A wily fox for your rustic dinner party. $60 at Enormous Champion.
  4. A board that's gorgeous for summer and breath of fresh air in winter. Approx. $140 at Trish & Co.
  5. A heart that's great for all sort of occasions, from birthdays to Mother's Day. $80 at Gray Work Design.
  6. Pair this star with a bottle of champagne for a nice gift. $25 at Longaberger.
  7. Pick your favorite state — or country — and serve up appetizers on a board from A Heirloom. Illinois board, $48.
  8. Go with the unexpected and plate hors d'oeuvres on a mountain goat board. $16 at Tom Roche.

(Images: As linked above)

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