White Armoire Similar to Dwell Studio's Gate?

White Armoire Similar to Dwell Studio's Gate?

Regina Yunghans
Apr 4, 2013

Q: I'm in love, LOVE I tell you, with Dwell Studio's Gate Armoire. I love it so much that I'd even be willing to make the splurge... if I could get  it in white. *Sigh*. So, Apartment Therapy design-a-nistas, please help me find something that is similar. (I would never paint something so lovely as Dwell Studio —- other things yes, this, no). What do I love about this piece, in particular? The fretwork makes my heart flutter. And the fact that it is on lovely legs and not so HEAVY on the floor makes it just perfect to me. So, can you find me the next best thing to my true love?

Sent by Heather

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(Images: Dwell Studio)

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