White has that great quality of reading as understatedly chic. Whether your preference for white comes in the form of glaze, lacquer or paint, there are a variety of accessories on the market to choose from.

An added bonus of white accessories is that it immediately adds a crispness to your space. Black and white patterns also have this effect. If you always wished that a particular area of your home was less drab, try adding a bright white accessory.

Shown above from left to right:
1. Utopia Owl Lantern, $178.00 from Jonathan Adler
2. Kähler's Cammeo Porcelain Storage Container, $50.00 from A + R
3. Record Player Wall Art, $30.45 from Attic Lifestyle
4. Fox Husband and Bunny Bride, $50.00 from Melabo Wed
5. Schoenhut White My First Piano, $59.99 from Diapers.com

Color Inspiration: Cobalt Blue and White
White & Bright Small Spaces

(Images: As credited above.)