White Linens Versus Colors and Patterns

White Linens Versus Colors and Patterns

Lily Gahagan
Jul 15, 2008

Our linen closet is a study in white. White sheets, white duvet, white towels and washcloths. Sounds a little anal? Perhaps, but for a long time we've just really liked the clean, crisp feeling of white home linens...

Maybe it's that there's no room for debate on if a white sheet or towel is clean - it's pretty obvious, and there's no way to camouflage it if it isn't. White is also a blank canvas - a print we can get sick of pretty quickly, but white is so classic and goes with most any color we're decorating with. Also, you can replace a piece without having to worry if it's exactly the same color or pattern. Mainly, though, we reach for white because it's a simple and easy choice. But we're starting to really love the look of combinations of patterns and colors on a bed. It definitely adds some interest and creativity to the process, and can be changed out without replacing a whole set. Which do you opt for at home? Any particular reason?

Images: Yvestown; Jek in the Box

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