White: Making The Most Of A Small Bathroom

White: Making The Most Of A Small Bathroom

Sarah Rae Smith
Jan 27, 2009

We know it's still bedroom month here on AT, but we were recently swept off our feet by a snowflake white bathroom. A bathroom that is small to say the least, but after a renovation has been made to feel 2 if not 3 times its original size. Click through the jump for a slideshow of the transformation process of this tiny bathroom to it's current bright white state.

Benedicte lives in a tiny, 41 sq m condo in Bergen, Norway, has recently renovated her old bathroom. The small space was definitely a challenge, as was her very tight budget. There are still a few details she's working on, but we're sure you'll agree with us when we say, it's already reached a great level of perfection!

The old bathroom basically consisted of two small rooms (with an open doorway in between), where you'd first enter from the bedroom into a small laundry area, and then a step up into the shower/sink area. The laundry area had room for a washing machine and not much else, there was a strange cabinet built around the water heater in the corner, but the narrow door made it impractical to store anything in there.

Having the shower and the (tiny) sink so close together meant one person could not be brushing their teeth while the other was in the shower. Benedicte says that aside from being really impractical, the room was just plain out disgusting, much worse than the photos show. The tiles and grout were so dirty, and tiles were coming loose from the walls. The floor tiles had this kind of grainy surface which made it feel like it was always covered in sand. It was dark, with little access to heat.

Most the work was done themselves (they had some help with the radiant heat flooring) with as little money as possible. This small space is a true tale of drab to fab and helps us to remember that no matter how small you might think your bathroom is, there are always ways to make it feel light, bright and bigger.

If you'd like to keep tabs on the wonderful Benedicte, you can do so on her blog, Tippi+Ella.

Thanks B' for a glimpse at some great handiwork!

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