White-Walled Workspaces for Paint-Prohibited Renters

Want to know a secret? While combing the Unplggd archives for this post, we discovered a startling statistic: A majority of the beautiful offices we feature in our tech tours are built up from bare white-walled rooms. So why is it that we're left so uninspired by our own renting restrictions? It's time to stop the excuses and recognize that you can have a beautiful office without painting a thing. Whether you're working with eggshell, ivory or cream, check out these gorgeous images for inspiration.

The way we see it, there's two ways to handle working with white walls: Go all-the-way neutral with white and natural wood touches (pops of monochromatic color are always welcome), or pimp out that white wall completely with a bunch of inspiring colorful clutter.

Here are 10 home offices that get it right:

    TOP ROW: (from Flickr!)
  1. Flickr member JamesRoseUK licensed for use under Creative Commons
  2. Flickr member hellojenuine. licensed for use under Creative Commons
  3. Flickr member svenreed licensed for use under Creative Commons
  4. Flickr member TomBorowski licensed for use under Creative Commons
  5. Flickr member Brice Reul licensed for use under Creative Commons

  6. BOTTOM ROW: (from Tech Tours!)
  7. Shannon's Crafty Place for Everything
  8. Chris' Crafty Home Office Makeover
  9. Becke's Rural Vintage Cabin Space
  10. Dee Adams' Lofty Intentions
  11. A Bright Bright Great Tech Tour

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