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Thanks for all your suggestions! This is our list or great, young UK designers so far, and we need a few more seconds as the list is long but there's not a big consensus yet. Please second any of the names below or add new ones. 

  • Donna Wilson 
  • Jay Watson 
  • Made.com
more below.... 

  • Jake Dyson 
  • Barber Osgerby 
  • Lee Broom 
  • Zoe Miller and David Goodman of Miller Goodman
  • Robert Barnby 
  • James Harrison 
  • James Kinmond 
  • Camilla Meijer
  • Ben Pentreath 
  • Studio Weave
  • Assemble
  • Abigail Ahern
  • Cockpit Arts
  • Charlotte Kingsnorth
  • Joseph Hartley
  • Mr. Finch
  • Phil Cuttance
  • Sam Scott 
  • Abigail Borg
  • Joseph Joseph
  • Olli Ella
  • Bridie Hall 
  • Samuel Wright from andthendesign
Dear Readers, I'm going to be traveling to London in September for 100% Design Week, and I need your help. We're going to move our Design Evening to London for that month and want to invite the 2-4 most interesting and important young British designers to be our guests.

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