Who Has the Smallest, Coolest Home in the World?

Who Has the Smallest, Coolest Home in the World?

Maxwell Ryan
Mar 27, 2012
David & Im's OneSpace, San Diego, from Small Cool 2006

Small Cool. SMALL COOL! Are you ready?

This Thursday we're kicking off our 8th Annual Small Cool Contest. We've got a whole new technology around submissions and voting, as well as a brand new sponsor who's prepared to just give the winners a bunch of cash to fix up their little gems even more. This could be you, so look out for the launch in three days. Meanwhile, check out all of our past winners below and get inspired.

2011 Winners

USA • Jordan's Light, Location & Vibe, Brooklyn

Lasse's Multipurpose Room, Denmark

2010 Winners

USA • Chris's Furniture Tetris, Houston

Maria 's Pockets, Spain

2009 Winners

USA • Brenden & Shannon's Charm & Character, San Francisco

Rajiv's's Amalgam of Styles, India

2008 Winners

USA • Tony and Hilary's 3 in 1 Studio, Brooklyn

Nicolas' Mini-Loft, France

2007 Winners

FIRST • East Semi-Finalist #4: London Urchin's Jewelry Box, England

Laura's Fresh Start Studio, Santa Monica

2006 Winners

EAST • Jenny and Clove's LA-ish Pad, New York

David & Im's OneSpace, San Diego

2005 Winners

ALL • Patrick's Cosmo-Urban Studio Rental, New York
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