Who Is Going To Live in the Museum for a Month?

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Back in July, we posted about a unique potential roommate situation - between an "up for anything" person and the Museum of Science and Industry. Well, fast forward a few months and there are now 5 folks competing for the opportunity to live in the museum for a month. Meet them below…

Shown above, clockwise from upper right:

Alex, from Massachusetts - a biology major senior at Brandeis.
Kate, from Chicago - a theater writer, director and performer.
Jonathan, From Florida - a census worker and musician.
Krispijn, from Seattle - an artist and musician.
Felix, from Chicago - a flash developer at a software company.

When we last discussed the "Month at the Museum", quite a few of you said that you'd definitely be up for the opportunity — if you'd like to help decide who gets to experience this very unusual living situation, visit the Museum of Science and Industry site to vote.

MORE INFO: Moving In...To a Museum

Images: Museum of Science and Industry

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