(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

Have you heard about the Dolls' House project in the works? In an effort to raise money for a children's charity, "20 of the world’s best architects and designers build a dolls’ house". The results are amazing, and it got me thinking: who would be my ultimate dollhouse architect/designer?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

I'm not really into dollhouses, I must confess, but I am very into architectural models. I love them so much, and always wish I could play with the tiny furniture and reposition the tiny art and poke the tiny trees. Architects tend to frown on that, so having an architect-designed dollhouse would be the ideal situation. Of the twenty houses designed for A Dolls' House, my favorite is the one above, created by Adjaye Associates in collaboration with Base Models and artist Chris Ofili. I would definitely live in that house if it happened to be full-size, but as is I could be content just opening the roof (one of my Fantasy Features!) and rearranging the gold furniture.

If I could pick any architect in the world to design a dollhouse for me (and the little ones in my life, of course), I might pick Snøhetta. Their Petter Dass Museum is so sleek, the Hotel Brusundet is modern but rustic (and includes a suite in a lighthouse!), and the Norwegian Wild Reindeer Pavilion is the most magical thing I've ever heard of.

Oh my goodness, I just discovered that Snøhetta has made a dollhouse, so I'm all set. What about the rest of you?

(Image: A Dolls' House via It's Nice That)