(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
Where we are here in the dirty south, the weather is hot—but amazing. We're hosting a party this Sunday to honor Independence day. The food, the drinks and the sparklers are all ready—but we're wishing we'd had the forethought to rent a projector and plan an outdoor Wii bash!

You already know that a game of Wii can be a great party-starter (especially if you follow our 5-step recipe for the perfect Wii party). So why not take it outdoors in the summertime?

Armed with our new knowledge about renting home tech, we know that renting a projector can be affordable. Combined with a rented inflatable screen—or just the wall of your house, if you want to be more budget-friendly—you can be swordfighting outside in no time.

We're definitely going to be considering this for our next summertime bash. Since moving to Atlanta from our ocean-side hometown of Miami, we've been missing the water. It'll be nice to know that jet-skiing is only copy of Wii Sports Resort away.