Why They Work: 10 of Our Favorite (Not Boring) Beige Kids Rooms


Beige: that neutral color that all landlords seem to think their tenants will love. It sometimes gets a bad rap, but luckily, it doesn't have to be boring. Whether the walls in your rental are tan, beige or cream, taupe, buff, or ecru, there's a way to make it work for you and your little ones. Here are a few of our favorites from the archives along with the reasons why they work:

1. In Holly’s DIY Delight (above) a combination of wall decals, unique vintage furniture, and fun/colorful accessories make her beige room anything but boring.

2.. Even if your little one's room is a sea of beige - floors, walls and ceiling, you can instantly punch it up with a colorful piece of upholstered furniture like this bright red beauty from Linus’ Cozy & Traditional Bedroom.

3. The walls in Violet's room are cream-colored, but some homemade artwork and colorful bedding instantly add life and color.

4. Accenting a wall with removable graphic decals like these triangles in McKenzie's Modern Traditional Mix help to make this very neutral room anything but dull.

5. Add a punchy patterned rug and homemade patterned fabric bunting to bring a bedroom to life like in Emily's nursery.

6. Vibrant curtains really make a statement in this nursery in Beth and Jeff's Whimsical Vintage-Inspired Home.

7. A fun design painted onto a piece of furniture and some DIY wall letters help to modernize and brighten Connor and Caleb’s Room for Two.

8. Simple solid pillows and matching bright lamp shades bring Jude and Ruby’s Etsy-Filled Shared Room to life.

9. A colorful piece of statement art instantly freshens up Beckett’s Charming Modern-Traditional Mix.

Pretty (removable) fabric wall decals and colorful handmade quilts are the star of Lorelai's Thifted, Vintage-Inspired Nursery.

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(Image credits: Vellum Studios; Rebecca Bond; A Lovely Lark; Melissa Hesseling; Karen C.; Bridget Pizzo; Abby Lawson; Vida Mia Photography; Christina Childress; Jenn Kavanagh)