Why Toilets Are Still Made of Porcelain

Why Toilets Are Still Made of Porcelain

Linda Ly
Aug 9, 2012

With all the newfangled materials that sinks are made with, it's a wonder the lowly toilet is still made with porcelain in this day and age!

Hundreds of years after they were invented, toilets now come in a range of colors and sizes (even with computerized panels!), but the throne of the home is still made of vitreous china (known as porcelain to the rest of us). Why is this? According to Brian Hedlund, Kohler's senior product manager for toilets, "It needs to be a flushing engine." Next, he says, "It needs to be waterproof, clean, and sanitary." And finally, "It needs to be sturdy."

Porcelain aces all three requirements and even edges out plastic and stainless steel in terms of manufacturing cost, user experience, and durability.

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