Why We Travel

Why We Travel

Sarah Coffey
Aug 29, 2008

One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things. - Henry Miller
Although we're in the midst of "Escapes" month, travel isn't always about escape; it's often about recapturing something. If you've been putting off a real vacation this year because you're too busy, too fed up with flying, too entrenched in work, too whatever... it might help to think about what you could lose if you don't give yourself the space to see things from a fresh perspective.

For us, the best vacations have been those where we've reconnected with ourselves and the people we love, whether they've been trips across the ocean or across state lines to see relatives. "Taking a break" is about more than just relaxing; it's also about giving ourselves the opportunity to see things from a place where we can appreciate our lives at home.

What are your reasons for travel?

Photo: Morguefile