Why I'm Ditching an E-Reader for the New iPad

Why I'm Ditching an E-Reader for the New iPad

Jeff Heaton
Mar 12, 2012

I've got an e-reader now and it does what it's supposed to. Reading on it certainly has been easier on the spine than lugging around a bunch of hardbacks. And sure, iBooks still has that antiquated wooden bookshelf interface, but given everything reading-focused about the newly announced Retina display iPad I couldn't resist.

1. Better Display
The new Retina display looks drool-worthy. What that means for reading is crisp text even when you've got your nose pressed to the glass (not that we'd do that). This kind of fidelity resembles the high quality prints of the books and magazines we can find so hard to leave behind. It's important to me that if I"m going to stick with the digital and not go running back to my library all the time that the quality it good. I think it's worth the upgrade from another e-reader, but it may not be enough for some of the already i-initiated. If you've got an e-ink display the backlight is also tempting.

2. Better Books
In the book industry's war over digital, the iPad is the neutral Switzerland. Actually it's better than Switzerland because you get to be on both sides. Why choose to restrict yourself to buying from Amazon or Barnes & Noble when you can use either as an app? Plus you get the variety of apps that blow them out of the water like Open Air Publishing for how-tos, Moonbot Studios for their award winning, visually stunning picture book for kids, Inkling for better-than-paper textbooks and variety of others from magazines to Mad Libs.

3. Better Connection
These days how much of what you read is in a book? If you're like me you spend tons of time on the internet reading articles, blog posts, funny quotes on cat pictures, etc. So realistically it's not just the ones you can download, but all the content you can connect to. That and the extended content within many ebooks that lead to the internet. The new iPad has the ability to communicate with nearly every internet connecting system available, including LTE (meaning long term evolution, the fastest consumer wireless connection on the market).

Still in love with your e-reader? iPad convert? Tell us how you get (or plan to get) your digital book fix...

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