Quick Fix: Keep 20 Cents In Your Curtains

Although we don't usually pay too much attention to our drapery panels once they're hung, anyone who has ever had a set that just won't hang right can attest that it can be a little frustrating. You might iron them, but sometimes they still just need a little help. No worries — look no further than your change jar!

Many high priced drapery panels come with weights in the corner, and for good reason. Weighted panels hang straighter and neater and don't wrinkle as easily. To achieve the look for less, try placing a few nickels in each corner of your curtains.

Many panels will already have a small pocket there; if not, use scissors and cut a simple slit. They'll stay wrinkle free and hanging beautifully until their next wash. What? We're supposed to wash our curtains? Hey now, that's a whole different post.

(Image: West Elm)