WiFi HD Turns Your iPhone and iPod Touch into a Wireless Hard Drive

WiFi HD Turns Your iPhone and iPod Touch into a Wireless Hard Drive

Sonia Zjawinski
Sep 8, 2009

What did you do this weekend? Oh yah. Cool. Well, I found the coolest iPhone/Touch app ever. Swear to God.

WiFi HD uses your wireless network to turn your iPhone or iPod Touch into an external hard drive. This came in handy when I realized I had a video on my MacBook I wanted to watch on the big screen via the Mac Mini connected to my flat screen.

I didn't want to wait for Quicktime to convert my video to an iTunes friendly file that could then be shared between my two computers' iTunes apps, and I didn't have a USB dongle that had enough storage space to save the file and move it to the mini, so I decided to try out WiFi HD...

The app comes in two flavors -- free, which has ads on the bottom on your iPhone/Touch screen and a $2 version that gets rid of those ads.

It works like this:

  1. Turn on WiFi HD on your iPhone/Touch
  2. Plug in the url given on the bottom of your screen into a web browser on the computer your file is store on.
  3. Via the webpage, you can upload the desired file, which will soon show up on your iPhone/Touch. You can't open the file, it's simply housed there. It took just a few minutes to transfer a 236 MB file

I then plugged in the url into the web browser on my Mac Mini (the computer I wanted the file to be moved to) found the file, and right-click saved it onto my desktop. It only took a minute or two to download. Seriously, a lifesaver!

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