Wii Accessories for a Better Wii Workout

Wii Accessories for a Better Wii Workout

Trent Johnson
Feb 17, 2010

The Wii is a great multifunction device: great for kids and adults, parties, entertainment and even working out. But in order for it to be a full fledged workout system, you'll need to increase the intensity with a few accessories. See this roundup of fitness accessories that will make those Wii workouts a little less wee.

From basic hand weights, to boxing gloves, to a full fledged bikes, there are a ton of workout accessories out there for the Wii making it a great alternative to the gym on these cold Winter days:

Everlast, known for their gym equipment, makes a series of Wii accessories including:

Thurstmaster, designer and manufacturer of interactive entertainment hardware and accessories for game consoles, also has two Wii workout packs:

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