Wild Life by Jeff Friesen: Animals Meet Interiors

It is no secret that we love small figurines. (Okay, we'll say it...toys!) A few months ago we even rounded up some of our favorite home displays that featured little penguins and army men. When we were presented with these photographs of tiny animals in amazing interiors, we definitely took note!

Jeff Friesen, an award-winning photographer who also has a more "serious" side seen here, is the creator of Wild Life Prints. Inspired by the arrival of his daughter in his life, and using her toys, Jeff has created these photographs of little animal in fantastic interiors. We love the juxtaposition of wildlife with interior design, and the overall aesthetic simply makes us smile. Polar bears, vibrant wallpaper, and tufted couches---all tiny! What more could you ask for!? How about an Etsy store where you can buy prints for $20? Yes, please.