Wild Home Window Displays: Would You?

Wild Home Window Displays: Would You?

Tess Wilson
Aug 17, 2012

Every city has at least one crazy window. Whether the window contains an ever-growing owl collection, or a holiday-themed display of troll dolls, it is sure to be loved and/or hated by neighbors, gawked at by visitors, and maybe even end up on a tour of the city. So my question today is: would you ever fill your window with who-knows-what, just for the surprise and delight (or shock and dismay) of passers-by? And what would you fill it with?

In his article for The Bold Italic, Alex Koll highlights a few of San Francisco's iconic and infamous window displays, and speaks with their creators. I can't believe I've never spotted the Troll Doll Window, but the Owl Window above (captured by The Camp Fires) is a staple. Do you know of any notable windows in your city? Details, please!

There are a few reasons I don't think I'd ever do something like this. First, I am very greedy about sunlight and would hate to have even a tiny bit of it blocked. Second, I am very shy, and would not want to encourage everyone to stare into my apartment, sometimes even taking photos. Third, I don't like lots of stuff, so I think a big grouping or display would stress me out.

However, I love the idea of making one's window beautiful and interesting to your fellow citizens. We spend a lot of time thinking about how our curtains and blinds look on the inside, but what about the view from the outside? I don't think troll dolls will ever be my decorating medium, but if Confetti System starts making curtains, I would love to have monumentally eye-catching, legendarily sparkly windows. Bring on the double-decker tour buses.

(Image: Kitschy in San Francisco: Put A Bird On It! from The Camp Fires)

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