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Q: I'm moving into a pre-war space with a lot of beautifully-preserved moldings and tin ceilings. I'm thrilled, but the current paint color is... drab. I'm usually an all-white-walls type of gal, but in this case I *do not* want to paint the ceiling, which is a darker cream color, as I don't want to disturb the detail of the tin tiles. I also, of course, won't touch the unpainted woodwork in the doorways and picture rails:
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
I'm worried that pure white walls will clash with a darker ceiling, so I'm torn on what to do with them. One idea is to paint everything the same cream tone, to match the ceiling. Another idea would be to paint just the dark brown areas with a cream color (to match the ceiling), and leave the otherwise taupe walls, but I'm not sure that this will lighten the space enough. What do you all think? How can I lighten this space without clashing with the existing details?

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