Williams-Sonoma Home Hits the Ground Running

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A crowded field grows, actually, better. Williams-Sonoma Home arrived at our offices last week and we have been dipping into it with excitement. While the second thing you might notice is that the prices in this catalogue are roughly twice to three times higher than the regular old home furnishing catalogue you get in the mail, the first you will definitely notice is that these rooms are MUCH CLASSIER and MORE SOPHISTICATED than the usual shite.

(call for catalogue at 888.922.4110).

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Williams-Sonoma Home's gambit is that there is a large population of wealthier shoppers who are eager for "aspirational" furniture that is better than C&B and PB, but below the price of, say, Ralph Lauren. We think they are on to something. Couches at C&B and PB are roughly $2,000. Here they are $3,000.

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Money aside, the furniture in this catalogue is a very stylish blend of European traditional with a touch of American Modern. Very Ralph Lauren, really. Our new "aspiration" is to buy the Westport Bed, which has a dramatic headboard with wings that swoop around the sleeper like a large wing chair ($2,500). MGR

ps. If anyone knows why the pinapple is in the logo, please tell. Doesn't make ANY sense to us.

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